The Sushi Co – Responsible box fresh sushi.

At The Sushi Co. we follow the path less trodden to seek out the highest quality ingredients for our live sushi kitchens, without compromising the environment that they come from. 

Our dedicated team works with a small hand-picked and highly accredited group of suppliers who deliver vibrant, eye-catching and flavoursome ingredients to our kitchens daily.

Once our team takes hold of these fresh ingredients, we follow authentic Japanese processes to prepare our handmade Minutes Fresh Sushi. From the size of slices taken from our Scottish sashimi grade salmon, to our slightly soured specialist sushi rice being the perfect bed for our fish or vegetables. We’re proud to take all the necessary extra steps to provide great quality sushi whilst doing our bit to be responsible in how we go about it. 

We don’t use any rice; we use sushi rice.

Rice is sushi, that’s why we use the same rice you’ll find in the UKs top sushi restaurants. Carefully milled in the Po Valley, Northern Italy. Mother nature’s rich Mediterranean sun melts the snow sitting high on the Alps giving the rice fields we source from everything they need to grow.  Our premium grade short grain rice is designed specifically for sushi – its texture and natural stickiness is perfect for sushi. 

Fresh fish daily from award-winning fisheries.  

We have the highest standards when sourcing our fresh fish suppliers. Whether it’s our 50-year-old Scottish Salmon farm or our cutting-edge 100% sustainable Dutch Yellowtail supplier, both are proud to have been accredited by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) for making every step of their processes as sustainable as possible. 

Our Dutch Yellowtail are organically fed with the highest-grade antibiotic free feed, resulting in high levels of Omega 3. Our Scottish Salmon are nurtured in hatcheries on the banks of Loch Creran and use RAS technology to ensure the best growing conditions are provided.