Can you provide allergy and nutritional information for all your food?
All our nutritional menu can be found on our menu both within are stores and on our website and app.

Do you source fish in a sustainable way?
Yes, we do. We work with the best fish suppliers whose fish farms and processes are accredited by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). In fact, every step in our supply chain for our Scottish salmon is ASC accredited.

Do you test your rice pH level?
Yes. After we’ve cooked our rice in our rice cooker, we wait 25 minutes to check the pH level is between 3.5 – 4.1.

Does your rice contain any allergens?
No, our rice does not contain any allergens.

Is your rice gluten free?
Our rice is under the 20 mg/kg of gluten requirement, but we don’t claim it to be gluten free even though it is under the limits as set out by the EU because it does contain a small amount of gluten.

Do you use rice powder?
Yes, we use a small amount of rice powder in all our rice.

How quickly should I eat sushi from The Sushi Co., could I keep it a while?
Our food is made fresh to order, and we wish our fresh sushi can be eaten as soon after we serve it to our customers as possible. We would recommend eating our sushi within one hour of purchase.

Which items on the menu are suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
Our menu in store, online and on our app makes it clear which of our menu items are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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